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Author’s News

New Short Story in the Works I have been working on a story under 10,000 words and my first draft cut that goal razor-thin. My intent was to enter it into a contest and to also feature a female protagonist. … Continue reading

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Review – The Sword of Welleran

“And now the armies had come very near. Suddenly Rold leaped up, crying: ‘Welleran! And the sword of Welleran!’ And the savage, lusting sword that had thirsted for a hundred years went up with the hand of Rold and swept through a tribesman’s ribs.” Continue reading

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Tales from the Swanky Boar: 2

“So that is the story of this place,” Ivan the Lipless said sitting in his dark room of arcane tapestries before a table with a glowing prism and a handcrafted box of onyx. “That is what draws men to Thuron. There is a good living to be made here if men can endure its harshness and not run afoul of the thieves. When a man can no longer make a life in the civilized lands, he has no place to turn but Thuron. We get all the realm’s baggage, folks seeking asylum, if they can pass the test.” Continue reading

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