About Siernod

A Discreet Realm Floating in the Cosmos

There was a time when the universe was young and its existence was characterized by a different set of rules. Those rules compacted space into a flat ethereal ocean called the Sea of Limbo. The hub contains the mother realms but the edge of the circular sea is known as the Shores of Eternity. In between, floating on the black lifeless sea, there float some 21 realms of Mann. One of those is Siernod. About this great cosmos the major light of day and the minor light of night revolve.

Upon Siernod, like tiny microbes, the race of Mann and other creatures scurry about building their empires, worshiping their gods, entertaining themselves in wild revelry, and obtaining ill gotten possessions at the expense of others. Created for Mann, Siernod drifts outward and will last until they crash into the Shores of Eternity.

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Watch for more answers concerning the mysteries of J. Wade Harrell Fantasy coming soon!

Map of Siernod

Realm of Siernod

Realm of Siernod

– by J.Wade Harrell, author of Shadows of Siernod

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