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Special Offer: “Shadows of Siernod” on Kindle only 99 cents!

Haven’t got a copy yet? Enter a realm of fresh fantasy that pays homage to old school sword and sorcery action while pushing the genre’s boundaries to new heights. There are no children or cute heroes in the world of … Continue reading

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Review – The Call of Cthulhu

One gets the feeling at first that he is distant from the protagonist but suddenly at some point you realize that YOU are the protagonist and you are seeing the dreadful story unfold through your own eyes via the first person method of delivery. Continue reading

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Tales from the Swanky Boar: 2

“So that is the story of this place,” Ivan the Lipless said sitting in his dark room of arcane tapestries before a table with a glowing prism and a handcrafted box of onyx. “That is what draws men to Thuron. There is a good living to be made here if men can endure its harshness and not run afoul of the thieves. When a man can no longer make a life in the civilized lands, he has no place to turn but Thuron. We get all the realm’s baggage, folks seeking asylum, if they can pass the test.” Continue reading

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