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Who is Elric of Melnibon√©?

A brooding anti-hero of truly epic proportions Most fantasy readers have heard of him but many don’t know him. To some, he is just a pathetic weakling who relies upon drugs or herbs to support his frail being until he … Continue reading

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Review – The Sword of Welleran

“And now the armies had come very near. Suddenly Rold leaped up, crying: ‘Welleran! And the sword of Welleran!’ And the savage, lusting sword that had thirsted for a hundred years went up with the hand of Rold and swept through a tribesman’s ribs.” Continue reading

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Strong Force: The Motivating Factor Behind Plot

When writing, a writer must keep in mind that the strong force is not actually the plot, but it is the force that allows the plot to unfold. Continue reading

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