Shadows of Siernod


Shadows of Siernod front cover

Shadows of Siernod, the novel

“Shadows of Siernod” is a series of five novelettes that span the phase of the life of Fist La’brau, swordsman extraordinaire, where he is called out of his reclusive life of normalcy back into the service of Light to engage the minions of Shadow once again. When Fist receives a strange note and cryptogram from an old sage he had once fought with during the Shadowfall some seven years in the past, he does not realize the precarious course his life will take.

Fist prefers to live his life to his own liking, working and occasionally adventuring for troves of treasure but his ability to swing a mean sword and to combat ominous foes make him a valuable resource for the cause of humanity. Fist apprehensively answers the call of duty in “Shadows of Siernod” and it seems that each adventure further drags him into his grim fate. As the tension rises, so does Fist’s desire to finish the job at hand. When tragedy strikes, Fist desires to be the judge, jury, and executioner where law fails.

From the smoky taverns of the lawless desert city of Thuron, to the dungeons of Hironhirjn, the forgotten passes of Siernod, and a Castle with dark secrets, Fist trudges with his reliable companion Iryl. A villain arises, seemingly a nuisance at first but eventually proves to be more devious and clever; and then he becomes more vile with every turn of events. With short sided actions and nothing but vengeance in his path and blood in his wake, Fist tramples ahead, ignores advice, confronts his enemy and is confronted by calamity and woe.

The end of the series is capped by sudden realizations, hard lessons, and anguishing perspectives on life. If you like sword and sorcery adventure with thrill and sentiment, you will want to start reading with the Anvil of Discord. Or, just pick up the novel that contains all five stories that span the arc.

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