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Shadows of Siernod front cover

Shadows of Siernod front cover

Check out each action packed, fantasy laden, swashbuckling tale of Fist La’brau both common man and swordsman extraordinaire as he adventures across the realms ever fated to meet Shadow at every turn.

The tales begin with “Shadows of Siernod” but there are many other stories to be told and his saga continues in the second series called “Flames of Palamarr.” A novel version of these stories for Kindle and paperback is currently in work to be released soon.

Fist La’brau fans, click below to purchase your favorite story. All short stories are available on Kindle. The novels, currenly only Shadows of Siernod are available in paperback and Kindle format. The free short stories are on the “Tales from the Sanky Boar” page on this site.

I hope you enjoy.

Shadows of Siernod series

Flames of Palamarr series

Short Stories – free to read


Map of the Realm of Siernod

International Amazon Sources


I am starting to market my books via Smashwords where you can now purchase “Shadows of Siernod”, the complete set. Hopefully soon Smashwords will deliver electronic copies to all the other major outlets such as Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, and such. To find out more about purchasing J. Wade Harrell books on from your favorite outlets, here is a list of places you can purchase your copy if not now, very soon. Keep checking if you don’t find my books on your favorite e-book store.

J. Wade Harrell Smashwords Profile


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