Tales from the Swanky Boar

The Swanky Boar is a most enigmous tavern where one can find odd short stories, many told directly by denizens who patron the smoke filled establishment in the desert city of Thuron. Meet Ivan the Lipless and a host of other folks whose lives have become tangential to the notorious brawler and swordsman–Fist La’brau.

>>> The Thrones of Lumindor

She’s fierce and confident–a formidable force drifting across the mother realm, and she’s been harnessed for too long. The story takes place before the birth of Siernod upon the mother realm known as Lumindor where the immortal champions roam and Shadow is a constant threat struggling against the watchers of Mann.

Shadow seeks to seep through the cracks of Lumindor and an age old sorceror vows to stand against the birth of a realm. See what happens when she engages in a race with a weapon of the ages in hand against time and a pair of pompous paladins seeking to save the unborn realm from certain doom. Will it be her or Lumindor’s own champions or neither that arise victorious?

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>>> Banner of Blood

His duty is to rule over his lands and protect his people from demise. Something isn’t quite right and so the king sets out on a historic journey to alter history in what some would say would be a controversial manner. He was born for warfare, his genealogy is one of strife. Can peace be too much for man to endure? Lord Falbane’s mission is to remedy the toll that peace has waged upon the realm.

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>>> Curators of Shadow

In every age and incarnation of earth, man needs one of great principle, a person that can be counted on to possess and contain great power. From the small tavern of the Swanky boar to the modern plains of the United States, Shadow never rests and men of power cannot be trusted. Narrator unmentioned.

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>>> Manor in the Mist

Manor in the Mist is a short story about a particular encounter Fist La’brau had with a certain matriarchal family living in a place you would never expect. In this story, we see Fist enthralled in a tale that is inspired by horror more than traditional fantasy. Narrator unknown.

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>>> Tales from the Swanky Boar #1:

A Tavern of High Stakes and Low Virtues

Fist first consults the arcane soothsayer to learn about his future but is dealt the cold hand of fate. Narrator unknown.

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>>> Tales from the Swanky Boar #2:

Guild Diggers

A story about how Fist first earned notoriety in Thuron and someone who seeks his demise. Swordplay and irony told by Ivan the Lipless.

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