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Towers of Trepidation

Towers of Trepidation

What you will find here is information regarding one of my pastimes—writing. More specifically, you will find a trove of information about the central character of my stories, Fist La’brau, his world, and his acquaintances. I often post about the status of these stories so as to keep my readers up to date on the latest information.

For those who have not read any of the stories yet, they are character driven stories about the rough and tumble character named Fist La’brau that I publish for a variety of e-readers and apps. Fist is a warrior by fate and a miner by trade. Though far flung from his homeland of the Daggen Isles, he still carries the warrior spirit of its people and he seems to have a strong infusion of their ancestral blood that empowers him to great feats of strength when hard pressed. He is a man with a rough exterior but often shows a soft spot inside for the weak, the innocent, and the just. His stories are short, to the point, and easy to read. I write my stories in old school sword and sorcery format with a dash of heroic fantasy thrown in to add scale to the plots.

What my stories do not contain is a bunch of truant children running around brandishing magic wands or a posse of hopeless folk wandering the world looking for something evil to defeat. Fist is a working man and an occasional brawler not looking for any trouble though it seems like there is plenty of trouble that finds him.

The Series

These compact stories and novellas are grouped by series. To date there is one complete series and one in the works. “Shadows of Siernod” is the inaugural collection that may seem kind of random at first, and to be honest it is to an extent in order to introduce us to the main character, but as the series culminates, we see images of the Shadows of Siernod and what gloom they intend to bring to the realm. Fist is unknowingly being embroiled in something much larger than the personal vendetta he holds and acts upon.

the Realm of Siernod

The Realm of Siernod (enlarge)

The second series has several releases and I am working on the latest as you read this. I entitled it “Flames of Palamarr”. In this series we see what happened to Fist after the stunning climax of “Shadows of Siernod”. Fist has difficulties to deal with and as he pulls him back into some sort of normalcy, his companion and he ends up marooned in a distant realm that is the victim of a dark cataclysm. His goal is to try to return to Siernod but that idea seems to elude him at every turn. All the while, rumors of something that affects the eternal flames of the cosmos grow stronger with the passing of time…..

Other Interests

I often post about other hobbies and interests I have as I feel inclined to share such experiences with my readers. You will see some amazing images of photography that I take from time to time. I am an amateur in the hobby with budget equipment but I do the best I can with what I have, and I do occasionally astonish myself with some of the end results. I will occasionally mention sports, mostly local stuff that might not interest the world at large but they are part of my world I want to share. You might also see some posts about topics where I often take positions that might oppose the mainstream media or what we are supposed to believe about certain things in life. I am not a rebel by any means but there are certain things that get under my skin and if you don’t agree, well, that’s what makes this country great. We can all have our opinions without having our heads chopped off, at least in my country.

The Author

Just some notes about me…..

I grew up in and around small towns in southwest Oklahoma and that is where I still call my home. The absence of some of the hustle and bustle is something I treasure and lends me a little different perspective than some other folks from urbana and suburbia. I enjoy a variety of pastimes including shooting quality firearms, motorcycle riding toward stunning vistas, fishing on quiet lakes and streams, studying southwest Oklahoma history, eating steak and barbecue, watching college football and other sports, playing games with my great family, writing, and most of all spending precious time with my lovely companion, Kathy.

Summit of Mt. Scott in the Wichita Mountains near my home

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