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Fist La'brau

Fist La’brau

What you will find here is information regarding one of my favorite pastimes—writing. More specifically, you will find a trove of information about the central character of my stories, Fist La’brau, his world, and his acquaintances. I often post about the status of these stories so as to keep my readers up to date on the latest information.

For those who have not read any of the stories yet, they are character driven stories about the rough-and-tumble character named Fist La’brau that I publish for a variety of e-readers and apps. Very soon, the first collection will be available in paperback–Shadows of Siernod. Fist is a warrior by fate and a miner by trade. Though far flung from his homeland of the Daggen Isles, he still carries the warrior spirit of its people and he seems to have a strong infusion of their ancestral blood that empowers him to great feats of strength when hard pressed. He is a man with a rough exterior but often shows a soft spot inside for the weak, the innocent, and the just. His stories are short, to the point, and easy to read. I write my stories in old school sword and sorcery format with a dash of heroic fantasy thrown in to add scale to the plots.

What my stories do not contain is a bunch of truant children running around brandishing magic wands or a posse of hopeless folk wandering the world looking for something evil to defeat. There is plenty of material of those types out there these days if you are in to that sort of fiction. But, for folks who thirst for a little of the old school sword swinging heroes, Fist is a working man and an occasional brawler not looking for any trouble though it seems like there is plenty of it that finds him.

The Series

the Realm of Siernod

These compact stories and novellas are grouped by series. “Shadows of Siernod” is the inaugural collection that may seem kind of random at first, and to be honest it is to an extent in order to introduce us to Fist La’brau, but as the series culminates, we see images of the Shadows of Siernod and what gloom they intend to bring to the realm. Fist is unknowingly being embroiled in something much larger than the personal vendetta he holds and acts upon.

After “Shadows of Siernod” we move on to “Flames of Palamarr” where Fist is flung into a distant world, harsh and lonely. He tries with all his might to find a way home all the while something seems to be testing the eternal flames of the cosmos.

Tales from the Swanky Boar

I have embarked upon a mission to fill in gaps, tell some backstory, and to add some flavor for those who want to enjoy a little immersion into the world of Siernod and its most notable denizen, Fist La’brau. These short stories are free to read though I plan to offer them in other formats at a later date. We get to see a little more of some of the other folks that make a living in various fashion in the city of Thuron and how they impact the life of Fist La’brau. They are short and fun and are designed to make you think a little about where and how they fit into the story structure.

In addition, I intend to use them a bit as teasers to introduce Fist to new potential fans. Click or mouseover on Tales from the Swanky Boar in the upper right hand corner of the page to enter into the smoky tavern of seedy delights.

Future Projects

Some ask, what is the future of Fist La’brau after Flames of Palamarr? To be honest, I have a lot of plans I have yet to reveal. One thing is for certain though–there is a full length novel in the works. To date, I have focused on short quick reads for fans of early 1900’s pulp but I know the market out there right now demands mega novel immersion and world building. Don’t fear, you will still see the same brand of sword and sorcery we have come to love with Fist La’brau and company but the structure of the project in the works will be a more finely honed edge of grand fantasy adventure.

Give me some time on this one. I won’t release anything until I have a full novel complete with fast paced excitement at every turn. The novel will contain the horror laced sword and sorcery, perhaps even more true to the genre, than we have previously seen. It will take place primarily in the realm of Siernod as the last series took us far away and it is time to get back home and tell the story that needs to be told there in epic proportions.

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