About the Author

J. Wade Harrell

J. Wade Harrell

J. Wade Harrell (1965 – present) was born and raised in southwest Oklahoma at the feet of the historic Wichita Mountains. He attended Cameron University on two occasions obtaining degrees in Drafting and Design and Mathematics. Career pursuits have yielded successful stints in classified defense projects, oil field equipment design, and information technology.

Wade enjoys writing short stories and novelettes. He has produced numerous works in this area and is comprising them into novel formats for commercial marketing. His writing pays homage to many of the old styled pulp writers of sword and sorcery and horror authors of the past century while invigorating them with fresh ideas for today’s fantasy enthusiasts. Wade sees a future where people in our fast paced society of today need their fiction in smaller doses yet still have enough material available to allow them to immerse themselves into fantastic worlds of the imagination.

Thus the world centers around one man–the common man, Fist La’brau. As the life of Fist unfolds dramatically, we see the world blossom around him fertile with rich characters and landscapes that provide plenty of dark adventure and epic tales.

His other hobbies and interests include motorcycles, firearms, photography, fishing, drawing, and devoting quality time to his beautiful wife and inspiration, Katherine.

Summit of Mt. Scott in the Wichita Mountains near my home

4 Responses to About the Author

  1. Jeff Benda says:

    Are you any relation to Joe Harrell who raised show lambs?

  2. Nanette Sanchez says:

    Hi to your knowledge is the Schiff Wild Mouse coaster still standing on the grounds? If so picture’s would be great!!!

    Thank you


    • Nanette, I don’t know as I haven’t been down there in a long time. From watching American Pickers it appears everything is still there as it was when they closed the park with the exception of the skating rink that burned down. It also contained the bumper cars and the ghost mine or whatever it was called. I don’t recall the Wild Mouse. I remember a very small kiddy coaster and the one larger one that was being built when the park closed. Perhaps someone else who reads this can provide more details. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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