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Pakastani Protester Killed by Fumes of Burning Old Glory

Nothing better symbolizes Western Civilization to these folks than the Stars and Stripes so they buy themselves a handful of Chinese made poisonous American flags (tongue-in-cheek), set them on fire, inhale the noxious fumes, and bam! — one protester identified as Abdullah Ismail kicks the bucket. Continue reading

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Grandma Runs off Five Jewelry Store Thieves

According to the anti liberty folks and some law enforcement spokespeople, citizens are not supposed to perform like this under real life situations. Well, again, the citizen proves them wrong. Continue reading

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Cannonball Run Japanese Style – One Bad Mess of Sushi

A Recipe for Disaster So, a bunch of Ferraris and Lamborghinis decide to take a power cruise down a Japanese Highway likely headed to an exotic car meet in Hiroshima (Is it safe to live there now?) and wind up … Continue reading

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Monday Musings

It’s kind of like saying, “Hey bluechippers, commit to Texas and we’ll put you on TV now. Commit to OU or A&M and no show.” Continue reading

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Crash Proof Bike

Hey everyone who rides, we all need to go out and get one of these. You will never need to worry about paying attention to traffic so that you can enjoy the scenery. You know what a nuisance it is … Continue reading

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