Media Myths About Guns

Examining the Media and Gun Control Advocates’ Claim there is a Loophole for Gun Shows

If you listen to the media and certain politicians in the wake of a terrible tragedy try to find some scapegoat to blame and castigate law abiding gun owners as being responsible for the horror. One of the several things we are hearing is that gun shows enjoy a loophole in gun sales that somehow allow them to be exempt from current gun control laws. I can say with certainty that anyone who knows what they are talking about cannot make these claims with any honesty. These are nothing more than fear tactics in the form of lies aimed at convincing the uninformed that something needs to be done to shut down gun shows.

Here is the plain fact: gun shows have to abide by the exact same laws that every other gun sale in the country must abide to. There is no difference between a sale inside a gun show and a sale outside a gun show. If you buy a new gun from a gun dealer in a gun show, he has to do the same background check he has to do in his store. The Brady brigade doesn’t want you to know that but it is the truth and it is how sales are handled in a gun show. Likewise, if you buy a used gun from a private individual in a gun show, it has to be conducted by the same state and federal laws that the sale is conducted by outside the show. No difference exists at all, thus there is no loophole. The so-called loophole does not exist.

More guns = more crime?

More guns = more crime?

For all those who believe that more guns leads to more crimes, the chart to the right was put together using information for the FBI’s UCR and the US Department of Justice Statistics. Gun shows are often unjustifiably blamed for arming criminals but the fact is that more guns owned does not lead to more crimes committed. This is a fact.

Federal law is specific on ALL gun sales no matter where they occur, but those who want to ban firearm ownership are trying to use the gun show loophole myth as another way to inhibit the right to buy and sale firearms between private individuals. Gun control activists are among the most dishonest folks I have run across. They will do or say anything to pry our liberties away. No tragedy is too bad for them to exploit and no truth is to sacred for them to lie about. They brew emotions on top of horror and spread mistrusts via every avenue possible. The gun show restriction is a way they can concoct a law that will end the legal transfer of guns in just one more step to disarm Americans.

Myth About Assault Weapons

Our folks in the anti-gun crowd use the media to spread another myth. This myth is that assault weapons are easily obtainable by the general public and are prolific in our society. This is another lie aimed at scaring the uninformed into supporting gun control. The term assault weapon has been defined by law and is a light gun that has select-fire capability. Pretty much this means a carbine with the ability to allow the user to operate it in full auto or a burst most firing more than one shot per pull of the trigger. The truth is, you cannot just walk into a gun store and buy one of these. These are reserved by law for the military, law enforcement, or people who have undergone extensive scrutiny and obtained special permission from the federal government.

Here are two guns. One is a type that many gun control advocates want to ban. The other is not nearly as controversial.

mini14 mini14t2

Can you figure out which one the anti-gun crowd wants to ban? It isn’t hard, is it? Actually, these two guns are the very same gun but with merely different cosmetic features. They are Ruger Mini 14’s and both are able to accept the same magazines. They both fire the same ammunition just as fast and accurate as you can pull the trigger.

Another fact is that the one gun that is really under media scrutiny right now is the Bushmaster AR-15 styled rifle This rifle is identical in function to the Ruger Mini 14. They both fire the same round, one at a time.


Bushmaster AR15 style rifle

In all actuality, these guns are great guns for a variety of activities. They are practical for home defense in a rural setting where you don’t have to worry as much about hitting unintended targets, great for hunting small game, and great for carrying in the brush. Some models are very accurate for target shooting and recreation. Whatever the reason, and that is purely personal, these are very practical guns for law abiding citizens. Don’t let the media hype steer your thinking wrong. As we can see above, they like to demonize a weapon based on its skin color and accessories which has very little effect on it killing power. They also like you to think these are the same guns that military and law enforcement have access to and they are not. They may look similar but there is a world of difference beneath the cosmetics. These gurus of misinformation need to learn the difference between function and appearance.

Here is another test for you. One of these next two guns is illegal and the other one is not. One in an actual assault rifle and has select fire capability, the other fires a single shot per pull of the trigger. Can you tell the difference?

Custom-AR151 M16

If you said that the one in the top picture was the assault rifle, you are incorrect. The top picture is an AR15 type rifle that fires one shot per pull of the trigger but happens to be loaded down with a bunch of accessories. The gun pictured on the bottom was one of the original M16’s during the Vietnam era that has automatic fire capability and is an authentic assault rifle you cannot walk into a gun store and buy. However, the media likes to jump all over these guns that have an “evil” profile. Ruger Mini14 Ranch Rifles with wooden stocks don’t capture their attention though they do the same thing as any other gun they label assault rifles these days.

There seems to be a lot of confusion around the word “automatic” as well. True assault rifles are automatic weapons. Commercial autoloading rifles, or “semiautomatic” rifles are many times lumped in with assault rifles but they are two completely different firearms. Gun grabbers like to advertize a rate of fire of semiautomatic rifles and pistols. These numbers are bogus numbers intended to scare the uninformed into supporting bans. These guns will only fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. And the faster you pull the trigger, if you have ever shot a gun in your life, you will know that your aim is less accurate. These are just numbers concocted by theorycrafters. Think of it as someone telling you how fast a race car can go around a race track based on its advertized top speed. Anyone that has ever driven a car knows that statistics like that don’t mean a thing. In one of our darker periods of history, an assassin killed one of our presidents firing 3 shots in less than six seconds while the president was riding in a moving vehicle. The rifle he used was a bolt action that required hand charging each round. I dare to say the assassin would not have done any more devious deed with a Bushmaster “assault rifle”.

The sad thing is that we live in a country that allows us to have all these freedoms yet we have a media that is opposed to our liberty and will sink to the lows of using every horrible tragedy to promote their agenda.

Myth that Gun Owners are Racist Bigots

Mr. Colion Noir says it best in debunking this stereotype. I would say the folks that propogate this myth are actually bigots against peaceful law abiding gun owners. Check this out:

Myth that Gun Grabbers Want to Ban All Guns

The Media, politicians, and entertainers in large part want you to not be able to own a gun. However, truth be known, they see themselves as elite and believe they are exempt from the restrictions that we little people have to abide by. There is a long list of politicians and entertainers that have supported gun bans to the public but yet are found to possess guns or to pay people to carry guns to guard them. Rosie O’donnell is one such person.

Recently, congresswoman Dianne Feinstein got busted for having gotten a gun permit to carry in California, something that is very hard to obtain. She is one of the leading advocates of gun control and you won’t believe what she has to say.

They want to ban all guns, except their own. So the next time some high profile person tells you that you should not keep or bear arms, ask them where theirs is.

– by J.Wade Harrell,

author of Shadows of Siernod and Flames of Palamarr


About J. Wade Harrell

A native of rural SW Oklahoma, I currently write swords and sorcery fiction which I publish in electronic format on Amazon. My interests and hobbies include shooting, riding motorcycles, fishing, watching college football, playing games, and most of all, spending as much time as possible with my better half, Kathy. I hope you enjoy my blog and that it might lead you into my fantastic worlds of swords and magic. -J. Wade Harrell
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