Two Thugs Wearing Hoodies Repelled by Armed Grandpa

A clinic on aggression control

Guys wearing hoodies mess with an innocent citizen in Florida, hoodies get shot. What is different this time? Well, the hoodies are armed and there are cameras catching the action so the thug supporters in our society can’t speculate and formulate lies about the armed citizen. If there had not been a video, I could just see the abuse this old man would be getting right now. He’d be branded every bad name in the book and accused of being out looking for trouble.

Instead, what we have is a man minding his own business and when these thugs burst in and try to intimidate folks who are incapable of protecting themselves, Mr. prepared is Johnny on the Spot. Criminal turns away holding his gun sideways like a Hollywood gangster and bang!, grandpa leaps into action and seizes the upper hand then proceeds to chase the thugs out of the business with a few hundred grains of lead. Usually guys like this bounce around thinking they look bad and intimidate every-day folks they come in contact with but on this day, them boys looked like they’d never been so scared in their life.

All humor aside, this man’s reaction so well videoed is a self defense clinic. He acted out in a way that tells me he was prepared for the moment and acted in accordance with his firearms training. Here are a few points I noticed.

  • He was seated with his gun away from the flow of traffic. When he pulled it, it was protected from view until needed.
  • He remained low key until the armed robber turned way from him briefly. As soon as he saw a window of opportunity, he burst into action. He took proper aim with good form and fired a shot that hit the target. The aggressors were instantly on the defensive.
  • The armed citizen did not try to talk the defenders into leaving, he met aggression with tactical force to turn the tide then he kept the pressure turned on by continuing to shoot. In firearm defense classes you are taught to shoot until the problem goes away. Grandpa keeps shooting even after the thugs stumble out of the door.

This is a great example of how to quickly turn the situation around and keep the pressure on. Both thugs were shot and required medical treatment while the patrons remained safe. Perhaps the only flaw in his execution was that his shots were not in the torso. I heard the bullets struck one in the arm and the other in the buttocks. Nevertheless, they were good enough to save lives and send a message to thugs that there are those out there that refuse to roll over and play victim. America needs a few more “grandpas” and a lot less “hoodies”.

– by J.Wade Harrell,

author of Shadows of Siernod and Flames of Palamarr

About J. Wade Harrell

A native of rural SW Oklahoma, I currently write swords and sorcery fiction which I publish in electronic format on Amazon. My interests and hobbies include shooting, riding motorcycles, fishing, watching college football, playing games, and most of all, spending as much time as possible with my better half, Kathy. I hope you enjoy my blog and that it might lead you into my fantastic worlds of swords and magic. -J. Wade Harrell
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