Apple TV: Job’s Latest Project

Jobs isn’t laying still in the grave

No, this man continues to work not letting death stand in his way. Between his Hadean ashrams and encounters with LSD, he still cracks the whip and is set to revolutionize television. If you think of it, the old hippie has always been one to attempt to make current technology obsolete. Not that he necessarily invents new things but he incorporates new technology in a way to supplant what we currently accept as the norm.

For instance, iTunes made the compact disk nearly forgettable. Yes, there are still CD’s out there but you don’t see nearly as many people buying them as yesterday. The old command line operating systems were given a shove out the door with the Mac OS’s GUI and the mouse. Phones lost a keypad because of Jobs and now we are awaiting the next step.

Is Cable and satellite about to be a thing of the past? I don’t think they will go away that soon but if Job’s newest project, Apple TV turns out to be everything it is supposed to be and has the vision that Apple has brought into being on previous projects, I can see them trying to force the television industry to deliver programming in a whole new way. My biggest question is, do we have the bandwidth? I think that will be the major problem.

This will mean there will need to be some compromise at first as the initial sets I am sure will include various ways to watch television, whether it is via sattelite, cable, or IP. I envision something to make videoconferencing new and fresh. Not that you can’t do it now, but it will likely be very convenient on this new platform. I do expect a fully programmable remote that looks something like an iPhone and will also serve as a futuristic game controller. The television will surely be entirely wireless and will have options to not only watch television but browse the internet, run applications, and games.

I look for Apple to make the television the “everything” gadget in the house combining, entertainment, computing, and communication. The television will integrate seemlessly with all your other Apple products which could be the catch. If you are an Android user like myself, it might not be as alluring but if Apple is smart, they will make it enterprise friendly, but is it likely?

So, what size will they be? I predict three sizes at first, 19″, 32″, and 50″ sets possibly but I am sure the prices will be hundreds of dollars more than your traditional flat panel.

So, Google, are you concocting a retaliation in your California dungeons to compete with the hipster giant? The battles over entertainment venues will get interesting in the next year or two for sure.

It will certainly be interesting to see what Apple rolls out this coming summer. One thing is sure to be true, the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


– by J.Wade Harrell, author of Shadows of Siernod


About J. Wade Harrell

A native of rural SW Oklahoma, I currently write swords and sorcery fiction which I publish in electronic format on Amazon. My interests and hobbies include shooting, riding motorcycles, fishing, watching college football, playing games, and most of all, spending as much time as possible with my better half, Kathy. I hope you enjoy my blog and that it might lead you into my fantastic worlds of swords and magic. -J. Wade Harrell
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