EPA Throws Away More “Green” Money and it is Called “Stimulus”

Truck Stop in Dandridge Vanishes With nearly 1/2 Million Dollars Blown to the Wind

Dandridge Truckstop

Dandridge Truckstop

A few months ago it was Solyndra. Now it is a truck stop in Dandridge Tennessee called TR Auto Truck Plaza and it sits empty just off I-40 in the Volunteer state. This truck stop volunteered to take $424,000.00 in stimulus money to upgrade its stalls with electrical hookups so that truckers would not have to burn as much diesel. The thought by the EPA and the Tennessee Department of Transportation was that this would be a great “green” effort and a good way to spend all the stimulus money that the government has been printing like crazy.

Never mind the owner of the truck stop had been having a lot of legal and financial trouble which made him a perfect fit for the government’s new environmental stimulus program. He had been indicted on 31 counts of theft and has current indictments for writing worthless checks. That is what the government seems to be rewarding these days–people who loathe managing finances responsibly. Heck, that is what the government is made of never-minding the hard working honest folks that pay their bills just get to pay higher taxes for this and watch their retirement funds crumble. But, if you are a corrupt con you can qualify for “green” money.

Apparently the electrical hookups were installed but now sit boarded up. With Solyndra and now this, when will the feds learn you can’t just print legal tender like Monopoly money and hand it out to anyone that has a feel-good cause? Hey, government, how about stimulating people with the green that counts to those who pay their bills?

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of “green”, I am sick of stimulus, I am sick of talk about raising taxes, I am sick of jobs bills, and I am sick of this present governing body. The power to succeed does not come from government bills but rather hard working Americans who get the job done when the government gets out of the way.

Forbes online said it right when they said: Milton Friedman’s comment about the four ways to spend money continues to look a useful guide doesn’t it? When you’re spending someone else’s money on someone else, well, who cares what you spend it on?


– by J.Wade Harrell, author of Shadows of Siernod


About J. Wade Harrell

A native of rural SW Oklahoma, I currently write swords and sorcery fiction which I publish in electronic format on Amazon. My interests and hobbies include shooting, riding motorcycles, fishing, watching college football, playing games, and most of all, spending as much time as possible with my better half, Kathy. I hope you enjoy my blog and that it might lead you into my fantastic worlds of swords and magic. -J. Wade Harrell
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