Tony Romo: Goat to Hero

Last Week the Goat ~ This Week the Hero

Romo and Jessica Simpson get goofy

Romo and Jessica Simpson get goofy

Okay, I have been very critical of Tony Romo for most of his career. I don’t like his philandering with high profile women such as Jessica Simpson, his goofy hats, backwards caps, and cheesy grins. I have accused him of being aloof and allowing his off the field lifestyle to affect his on the field performance. He seems as if his head is elsewhere in the most critical moments of a ball game when the chips are on the line.

Never was this more evident than in last week’s game versus the Jets. The Cowboys controlled the game and when the Jets surged, Dallas roared back. Romo scrambled all over the field on a 3rd and goal then tried to power the ball a’la Tim Tebow through Jet’s defenders at the goal line and meets a brick wall then fumbles the ball away. With a chance to take the game back on the final meaningful drive, he suddenly starts a game of catch with the Jets secondary but the Jets didn’t throw it back. Romo lost the game.

Grinning backward cap wearing Romo

Grinning backward cap wearing Romo

I was a Cowboy fan back in the Landry and Staubach era. I stomached the egos of Jones and Johnson in their hostile takover but the Cowbows have grown cold to me. I still try to root for them but they always give me a reason not to and I don’t even care if I miss their games as college football gives me all the gridiron entertainment I need these days.

Then Dallas travels to the bay to play the 49ers. I figured a Romo led Dallas would figure out a way to lose this game too and for a while, it looked as if they were going to.

Then, Romo got smacked–two ribs were broken. I don’t like seeing any player get injured but I thought this might be a good thing for the Cowboys. Kitna was solid in backup last year and made fewer mistakes.

Then I see Romo come back out on the field and I shake my head. Here we go again.

But something happened. Tony Romo played soundly and with pain. If you have ever even had bruised ribs you know painful it can be. Romo played with focus and resolve. He played through pain and avoided the bonehead mistakes. He played like Staubach of old and made big plays to recievers downfield and directed a come-from-behind regulation tie just like Roger the Dodger would have done it in the waning minutes of the game. Overtime came and you just knew there would be some kind of laughable screw up. No, Romo delivered a strike to Bailey who zipped down field to the one to set up the winning field goal. I think Jason Garret didn’t want to play with fire and allow Romo one more chance to give the game away. I shouldn’t have said that–it isn’t fair but I couldn’t resist.

I must say that he finally did things right and I will give him due praise as I have given him stern criticism in the past. Romo played a full game, followed through with focus, and delivered in the clutch. What we saw today was a different Tony Romo. Could this be a turnaround for the goofy aloof quarterback in Big D? At least he had his cap on forward in the post game interview.

– by J.Wade Harrell, author of Shadows of Siernod


About J. Wade Harrell

A native of rural SW Oklahoma, I currently write swords and sorcery fiction which I publish in electronic format on Amazon. My interests and hobbies include shooting, riding motorcycles, fishing, watching college football, playing games, and most of all, spending as much time as possible with my better half, Kathy. I hope you enjoy my blog and that it might lead you into my fantastic worlds of swords and magic. -J. Wade Harrell
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