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Mike Gundy Fires Contractor for Wearing an OU T-Shirt

Mike Gundy

"I'm a man, I'm 40"

Back in March, Brent Loveland of Choctaw showed up with a few coworkers to perform some work on the OSU coaches house. The only thing he did wrong was wear the wrong T-Shirt. It was a gray baseball shirt and had the name of the University of Oklahoma written in block letters.

Gundy once said, “I’m a man, I’m forty. Come after me.” Well, now someone came after him. Well, not exactly, he wore the wrong shirt and the “Man” fired his butt.

Gundy showed up to his house at about 9:30, saw the shirt, then went on a tirade, accroding to Loveland. Allegedly he called Loveland a “stupid idiot” for wearing the shirt on “OSU Soil” and berated the man for insulting his wife. Loveland apologized to attempt to keep his customer happy but Gundy even refused to allow the contractor to turn his shirt inside out.

Loveland filed a lawsuit against Gundy for a total of $40,000. He said he put on the shirt while it was still dark with no lights and didn’t realize he had put on an OU shirt until later.

Gundy denied Loveland’s story but will not comment on details while litigation is ongoing.

Texas A&M to the SEC?

Apparently serious talk between the Aggies and the SEC about a bolt form the Big 12 to the SEC. Many schools and A&M most notably, are fed up with Texas’ bullish behavior in spite of their castrated mascot.

Texas has been reputable for destroying conferences. The old Southwest conference split up while its largest member sat and watched when Arkansas wanted to fly east. Arkansas was the only member of that conference from outside the state of Texas and they didn’t feel welcome in a conference run by people who overlooked serious cheating such as in the SMU affairs.

Now, Texas has allied with ESPN to provide a network wholly devoted to one team. While I am a capitalist in most ways, this type of behavior does not work in sports – a rare place where a dose of socialism is warranted if you want a bit of balance. It is all about Texas who is even trying to broadcast high school football games. Texas, we aren’t dumb. We see what you are up to. A&M is too and they are ready to run.

If the SEC does steal A&M, I expect to see the Big12 crumble. There are all sorts of implications. Look at OU’s future home schedule. Texas never comes to Norman and you have already lost Nebraska. OSU might be a big deal for some in the state but nationally, it isn’t a big game. So what big names, except for an occasional non-conference opponent, will you get?

So, if A&M leaves. Look for the dominoes to start falling fast. OU could go to the Pac12 but think about OU playing a west coast night game that doesn’t end until 1:00 AM. How will that bode for fans. I think that the SEC makes more sense in that the time zones aren’t as different but it will make recruiting tough. Now, OU gets to play UT in Texas every year plus a a couple of the other Texas teams advertized themselves to recruits. You lose most of them, then that is less exposure and recruiting in SEC country will be tough where OU has few roots already established there.

Tiger Missed Cut at the PGA

He changed his coach, his swing, his management company, and his caddy. Now he’s losing. Woods doesn’t know what he is doing. He is losing and losing bad. He missed the cut in a major today – he used to own majors. In the two day affair, he landed in 20 bunkers and finished at 10 over par. This was the worst performance in a long time. For the 7th time in 260 starts, he won’t be playing on the weekend.

Tiger says he feels healthy enough to work and improve his game but he also admits over and over his performance has been “frustrating”. I wonder what the odds are now that he will ever catch Jack Nicklas’ record of 18 majors won. Tiger needs 4 more to tie and that is a tough thing to do. Statistically, golfers his their prime and win most of their majors within a few year, 10 at most, span. Jack was an outlier have a multiple tiered career winning his over a 24 year period. Odds are Tiger won’t win 4 more unless something incredible happens.


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